Soak your troubles away..

Cycle coast to coast they said, it’ll be easy they said!

I promise to remain optamistic having exactly 2 months of training left before I set off on my ass torturing 140 mile cycle from Whitehaven (west coast of UK) to Tynemouth (east coast of UK).  I’m a -tough girl (I keep telling myself this!!) I was diagnosed with a Pituitary Macro Adenoma (brain tumor) when I was 17 and I’ve been symptomatic ever since, mainly in the form of tiredness!

I’ve always had particularly sporty genes and I refuse to let my pituitary problems stop me! I used to do martial arts when I was younger and developed an addiction to rowing in my late 20’s where i’d dedicate all of my evenings and weekends to blood, sweat and tears.. LITERALLY! I “retired” from rowing in July 2016 and have some how found myself in yet another time consuming and challenging hobby that keeps me active and allows me to escape the everyday stresses of life!

Kate Saddle & Beauty

Many people question why I do such challenging hobbies and even more so when they find out how my Pituitary condition affects me – I usually tell them that my brain is broken so my sanity is questionable 😉 but truthfully, I do it because I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and in a weird way – this gives me energy!! These days I have regular blood tests and reviews with my endocrinologist (every 3 months) in Newcastle Upon Tyne and attend local meetings with the Pituitary Foundation where I meet and chat to others suffering from Pituitary disorders.

Relaxation is something I struggle with, I’d love to be the kind of person who switches off with a film or gets lost in a novel, but I cant!  I get distracted by social media and silly YouTube videos and end up feeling guilty for wasting my time!  If like me you struggle to relax, I’d recommend taking a nice soak in a bath tub! This is a bit of a joke with my friends and family, if they can’t get in touch with me they automatically assume i’m taking a bath!  Baths are so underrated, a warm bath before bed really helps my muscles relax and I find that I sleep much better!  BubbleTI usually just add bath salts to my water but I was recently recommended Bubble T, Melting Marble Oil Pearls (Mint Tea) and I was really impressed by the beautiful aroma they release.  They also left my skin feeling beautiful, similar to how it feels after a professional aromatherapy massage!  Unfortunately the scent doesn’t last for the duration of my soak but at this point I tend to be wrinkling and this is usually a sign for me to get out! 🙂  This brand doesn’t test on animals and they’re inspired by tea, so if like me you love animals and tea, check their range out, i’ll report back on a few of their other products soon!

I’m off for a soak in my tub now!


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