These boots are made for riding…


Last year definitely had its ups and downs for me, the biggest downs occurred in the summer, where I took a couple of tumbles, firstly breaking my wrist and then a mere 4 weeks later breaking my leg… Unlucky I know!!!! Following this, I decided to take a look at the equipment I was using to see what I could change to improve my performance.

The first thing I looked at was my boots, and after owning a very reliable pair of Regali Ricci long leather riding boots for around 10 years, I decided this was definitely a place to start. They have been an incredible asset but I realised that over time, they had potentially stretched and weren’t as fitted to my leg as I would have liked them to be.

The next problem I had was where to start looking for boots as there are so many different brands to choose from. With the added complication that I am not exactly a standard size leg, with common jokes as I was growing up of “last time I saw legs like those, they were coming out of a nest” and despite all of my early mornings in the gym, this is something I have never been able to change… my ankles are actually the size of most people’s wrists!

Thankfully I was lucky enough to be attending the Scope Festival later in the summer and knew there would be a number of merchant stands there, dedicated solely to riding boots. This is where I came across Joshua Jones, they had a very professional upmarket looking stand with an array of boots to die for! They literally had every colour and style imaginable on display.

The staff at Joshua Jones instantly put me at ease and told me that they had fitted people a lot more awkwardly shaped than me, and proceeded to take measurements of my scrawny legs. We started trying on boots and with the second pair they had absolutely nailed the fit, the leather was so soft and the boot was incredibly flexible for being brand new.

So, which make of boots did I go for I hear you ask… Well, after looking through the various style and colour options and discussing my budget, the Di Niro Salentino in Greta Grey were definitely the ones for me.

My thoughts on the Di Niro Salentino in Greta Grey

I am completely in love! I used them for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a local show and I have to say that they fit like a glove. The soft leather fits incredibly close to my leg, something I have never been able to achieve before. I think this is due to an elastic panel next to the zip fastening which allows a bit more flexibility. I was pre warned that they will drop in height roughly 1-2cms with wear, so they did dig into the back of my knee a little on the first wear, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and by the second wear, they had dropped and were perfect.

I am definitely looking forward to getting out and competing more in these boots and cannot wait for the summer season.

My Di Niro Salentino rating: 10/10

Thank you very much Joshua Jones for sorting these out for me.