My legs are hungover but i’m feeling great!

With spring officially underway i’m really looking forward to soaking up the so called health benefits that come along at this time of year! I think i’m solar powered 🙂  after a few minutes in the sun this weekend I felt my mood soar as I topped up my vitamin D levels! This was all great until it suddenly dawned on me that with the temperature rising I’m going to be wearing less layers over the next few months and this is not good for a girl who cycles! One word…LYCRA.

Of course I want to be super fit for my Coast to Coast cycle in October but i’d be lying if I wasn’t thinking of that bikini body! So right now, I’m making a commitment to be #BeachReady (as they say on Instagram!) by MAY 2017!
I’ve made a start to this commitment by chatting to an experienced trainer who is helping me make small changes to my diet and fitness routine. I’ve even managed to sneak in a couple of personal training sessions with him which consisted mainly of weight training and circuits! Here is a sneak peak of a teeny bit of the circuit training…

This work-out was a major eye opener for me, I can feel muscles that I didn’t know existed and my legs feel hungover after all of the squatting! I’m going to take his professional advise on board and see exactly what happens when I put my training schedule into the hands of a pro.. watch this space!!

After all of the working out and family visits this weekend I made some time to relax and unwind at The Botanist in Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you haven’t been there before, I’d highly recommend that you go and see this place for yourself – it’s a cool venue!  We were welcomed by two fantastic smiles at the front door and an extensive drinks menu serving over 50 different bottled beers and ciders, cask ales and a variety of amazing cocktails! We planned to sit outside on the roof terrace but the live music downstairs was too good to miss! Here are 3 snippets of the musician David playing on Sunday 26th March.

He’s great isn’t he?! Not only was he fantastic to listen to, he was incredibly lovely and even found time to chat to us at the end of the evening! Perfect end to a top notch weekend!



Final thought, I wonder if the food is as good as it smells at The Botanist?…

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