We’re going to row a marathon!


We’re going to row a marathon and yes, it’s pretty far!
But we’re trying to give more support than we get from our sports bras!!
We’re looking for your love and a generous donation,
To support our amazing friends at the Pituitary Foundation!
We’re training really hard and hope to stay afloat
So please show some love for #2girls1boat

Love Kate & Rachael X

Background story..

Kate has been at war with her pituitary gland since she was 15 years old which began with a large tumour on the stem of her brain (macro adenoma for the medics out there) which she got the all clear from at 21 years old! The story didn’t stop there; she’s on life long medication and still has to attend frequent hospital appointments for blood tests, MRI brain scans and catch-ups with her consultant.

Rachael has been through some of the highs and lows with Kate and came up with the idea to row a marathon together to really challenge themselves whilst raising some much needed funds for a foundation which provides a fantastic support network for Kate.

So dig deep, they’re rowing a hand blistering and back breaking 50km race along the River Witham from Lincoln to Boston representing Tyne United Rowing Club, fighting this Pituitary Condition together!

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